52 interessante weetjes uit 2016

Fascinerende lijst, deze 52 things [Tom Whitwell] learned in 2016. Interessante weetjes. Over het geneesmiddel voor scheurbuik (#44) had ik toevallig laatst ook al gelezen in At Home, een briljant boek van Bill Bryson.

Even een kleine greep uit de lijst, die overigens tegen het einde steeds interessanter lijkt te worden:

46. A Dutch bike manufacturer reduced shipping damage by 70–80% by printing a flatscreen TV on their boxes.

48. Intervision, the 70s Soviet answer to the Eurovision Song Contest, was judge by electricity grid voting: “those watching at home had to turn their lights on when they liked a song and off when they didn’t, with data from the electricity network then being used to allocate points.”

51. Instead of batteries, the ARES project in Nevada uses a network of train tracks, a hillside and electric trains loaded with rocks to store wind and solar power. When there is a surplus of energy, the trains drive up the tracks. When output falls, the cars roll back down the hill, their electric motors acting as generators.

52 things I learned in 2016 (Medium, 1 december 2016)

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