Waarom Love Actually een vreselijke film is

Zonder een Valentijns-buzzkill te willen zijn: veel manieren waarop liefde wordt neergezet in boeken en films is gewoon niet OK. Love Actually is een goed voorbeeld:

As for the rest of the film—which is to say, the bulk of the film—I think it offers up at least three disturbing lessons about love. First, that love is overwhelmingly a product of physical attraction and requires virtually no verbal communication or intellectual/emotional affinity of any kind. Second, that the principal barrier to consummating a relationship is mustering the nerve to say “I love you”—preferably with some grand gesture—and that once you manage that, you’re basically on the fast track to nuptial bliss. And third, that any actual obstacle to romantic fulfillment, however surmountable, is not worth the effort it would require to overcome.

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